Primary Student Council

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This year is the third year that we have had a Primary Student Council at BSQ.

Each class from Years 1 to 6 have elected two representatives who make up the council. Below is a list of all the class representatives.

The whole of Primary School then had the chance to elect who they wanted to be their President out of the Year 5 and 6 class representatives. This year the President is Xavier Juhala from Year 6 and the vice President is José Rafael Espinosa from Year 5. Isabella Taylor Egas and Martina Moreira DA’Silva are sharing the role of secretary and treasurer.

Each member of the School Council wears a badge to indicate to the rest of the school community who they are and who they can approach with an issue. The Council meets regularly with Miss Sinead, Miss Marissa and Mr. Evans and discuss issues that have been raised within their classes. The Class representatives then feedback to their class and often gather information to bring back to a council meeting. Each class has regular class meetings to raise issues and discuss items raised at the council meetings. All children in Primary are able to raise an issue in their class meetings or speak to their class representative and ask them to raise it at a school council meeting. For information about the council click on the links below:

Year 1A
Antonella Sanchez Obando Gabriel Serrano Saenz
Year 1B
Daniel Rast Zepeda Luis Martin Ganchala Ortiz
Year 2
Sofía Caicedo Escobar Isabella Villalobos Oña
Year 3
Juan Francisco Perla Arias
Martina Miranda Cáceres

Year 4
Luis Andrés Acosta Robles Victoria Proaño Carrasco
Year 5
José Rafael Espinosa Mena Martina Moreira DA’Silva
Year 6
Xavier Juhala Isabella Taylor Egas